Budgeting workshop at AGS

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Money Makes The World Go Round

Or, that’s what the song says anyway! Certainly we all use money every day, so managing it properly is an essential skill that we should all have.

Unfortunately a lot of people don’t deal with their money well and end up in debt. Debt that they can’t manage. This can lead to anxiety, depression and mental health problems.

Children learn how to manage money from their parents. So, if their parents aren’t good with money, the children usually end up making the same mistakes.

What can we do about this?

Give children the financial knowledge they need at school.

But teachers have enough on their plates. I was a teacher for over 20 years, I understand how frustrating it is when every new initiative gets dumped on teachers.

There’s not enough time to plan and prepare normal subject lessons, never mind a financial curriculum!

So, what’s the answer?

I’m not coming into your school to run a one-off workshop. That doesn’t work. Financial education is too important for that: it needs to be long-term.

Instead, I train the teachers to run Win The Money Game®. But that’s still not enough. Teachers get loads of CPD, but they don’t have the time to implement the ideas.

So I provide all the materials as well. Teachers don’t have to sort out what they need, it will all be there, ready to use.

Wouldn’t you rather have trained teachers and materials already provided?

About me

Mary McPhail

Hello there! I’m Dr. Mary McPhail. When I was teaching in Secondary School, senior pupils would complain that they didn’t learn the kind of skills they needed for real life. I left teaching over 2 years ago to start my own business because I wanted to provide skill training that students didn’t get in school.

As a teacher, I always wanted to make learning as easy and as much fun as possible. I believe Win The Money Game® does that. So, I want to share it. Working for myself has given me the time to find these kinds of resources. I know teachers don’t have that luxury. But, with my training and materials, they can help the next generation become more financially literate and improve the well-being of their students. Without having to use up too much of the precious time they have!

Managing money is an essential life skill and I want to help schools teach it to young people.

What a client has to say….

Mary came and gave a session to school pupils at our recent ‘pupil’ conference here at the University of Aberdeen Business School. Pupils were given an interactive exercise which made them think about money and managing their budgets. A life skill for their future. Feedback has been great.
A pupil wrote that they particularly enjoyed the management of money because it makes you think about what you want and what you really need. That is a skill that even I need to think about quite often.
She had a clear way with the pupils that brought out the best in them in groupwork.
Mary was very professional to deal with, and I do hope to work with her again.
Pamela Cumming, University of Aberdeen