Male student doing revision with book

How’s Your Revision Going?

SQA exams will be starting soon, so revision is a major feature in schools at the moment. But what’s the best way to revise? Many parents will expect their children to study for several hours a day, especially during study leave.

Other parents may look for chemistry tutors to focus the revision. Schools are regularly asked for recommendations. More often than not it can be extremely difficult to find someone suitable.

Sometimes parents then turn to chemistry university students or graduates, not qualified teachers. Unfortunately, a chemistry degree does not mean you are familiar with the school curriculum or the exam. These are essential requirements in a tutor if you want to get the most from your child’s hard work.

What I Offer

I believe knowing how to revise is an important skill – one that needs to be learned, like any other. As I’m an experienced Chemistry Teacher by profession, I know which techniques work and which don’t.

This Thursday 14th March I’m hosting a live, free webinar on my 5 Top Revision Techniques for National 5 and Higher Chemistry.

This video gives you a bit more information on what I’ll be talking about and why it’s important to study the right way.

If you’d like to find out what my Top 5 Revision Techniques are, and how they could benefit your students, please sign up for the webinar below.