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Welcome to Preparing4life – Life Skills For Young Adults


Welcome to Preparing4Life! We provide life skills workshops for young people just entering the adult world. Students routinely complain about not learning what they need in school. Things like managing their money, or what income tax is all about. Necessary information for when they move out of the family home.

My name is Mary McPhail and I want to re-skill our young people. I want them to go out into the adult world with a better idea of what they will face and how to deal with it.

Do you want to do the best for the young people in your school? 

For too long we have been neglecting the vital skills young people need in order to live independently and get on well in life. For example, many of the skills we would classify as soft, such as how we relate to other people. Undoubtedly an essential skill – yet school leavers are often lacking in it.

Good money management is something many mature adults still don’t have, leading to worry, debt and even drastic lifestyle changes. Basic knowledge of how to look after yourself – cooking, cleaning and managing your home; all so important to health and wellbeing. Mental resilience and general mental health techniques are just as important as looking after physical health.

Don’t assume that just because a person has left school that they will suddenly be experts in these skills.


What we offer

Preparing4Life has a range of workshops covering these life skills. We provide fun, group, practical sessions, onsite, in groups of up to 20 delegates.

These can be one-off, stand-alone workshops or bespoke in terms of topics and number. Get in touch to discuss how we can help prepare your students better for the next chapter in their lives.

Life Skills need to be learned – don’t make them learn the hard way. Prepare them properly – with Preparing4Life.


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