How to help your students learn about money.

financial plan

Ask people what they wished they’d learned in school and a lot will say:

‘How to manage money’.

Ask teachers what they wish they had more of and the majority will say:


What if you could solve both these problems at the same time?

Learning happens a lot more easily when it’s fun. And we all love playing games, don’t we? Win The Money Game® (created in the U.S.A.) is a game that teaches children and young people all about money.

The students are the game pieces that move around. Each round the students earn a wage, pay deductions, pay bills, etc.

Unforeseen circumstances can come up and they have to decide how to pay for them, just like real life. As the game goes on the students can invest their money to make it work for them.

But this kind of learning can’t just be a ‘one-off’ lesson. It should be the basis for a whole term of lessons, at least!

The Money Game is ideally suited to long term teaching. Each week can be a new aspect of managing money. The long term goal is to ‘win the money game’, i.e. earn enough passive income that you no longer have to work – if that’s what you want.

But teachers don’t have time to set all this up!

Of course they don’t! That’s where I come in.😁

I will provide:

  • An in-person workshop for your staff explaining how to run the game.
  • All the materials you need for 30 students to play the game (including instruction manual).
  • Access to your own download of all necessary paperwork.

Sound good? Send me a message here and I’ll get in touch as soon as I can.